Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of April 23, 2024 (2024)

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of April 23,2024


· The Plan: Philadelphia,Miami, Chicago, Seattle, Los Angeles, New York, New Orleans ProtectiveMeasures. DON’T CAVE TO THE MOB. If we occupied every state capital what comesNEXT? TRUST THE PLAN. +++ Q …The 17th Letter on Telegram Mon. 22 April 2024

· Mon. 22 April: Breaking newsinternet cables have been cut from AT&T in multiple states and this iscausing AT&T outages and airports to be affected. Flights have been delayedand law enforcement are warning this was a “deliberate” attack on us criticalinfrastructure. Emergency Alert!! Phone & Fiber Cable Cuts Intentionally InMultiple States! Major Outages! Law Enforcement Warning! - Patrick HumphreyNews

· Welcome to the GreatAwakening: Military occupation? Continuity of Government? Biblical? We savedthe Republic. Now it’s time to save The People, or they will never hold ontowhat we redeemed. It’s Showtime! Watch the news. Cycles are flipping! Rats arerunning! The public is awakening! Elections in November? Who’s payingattention? Hussein and Biden – never again. …Q

· There is a disturbingreality that many Americans have yet to accept: The greatest threat to theAmerican People is not in China, Russia, or Iran. It’s in Washington D.C. Onceyou start looking from this perspective, everything starts to make a lot moresense. …JFK Jr.

· THE GREAT AWAKENINGWORLDWIDE. War brings peace. Israel is completely controlled. Iran’s governmentmust cease to exist. TEAM 17 VS CLOWNS IN AMERICA. Patriotism serves well.Treason doesn’t pay well in the end. Prayers produce righteousness. MilitaryForce produces PAIN. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! …Q

· Q+ ( THE GREAT AWAKENING )TREASON. MILITARY COUP. Everything leads to dismantling the CIA. Bring down theFBI And[ DS] military intelligence that protect the ELITES and their pedophiliarings and corrupt banking systems.

· You Might Want To Keep AnEye On The Very Alarming Natural Disasters That Are Happening In Hawaii AndCalifornia.

· Mon. 22 April: Judy ByingtonUn-Redacted: “My Fellow Americans, the Storm Is Upon Us”! Be Ready.. PresidentTrump, Sat. 20 April 2024..Special Intel Report 4/22/24

· Sun. 21 April: SituationUpdate: America Betrayed! House Members Wave Ukrainian Flag After PassingSpending Bill! 18 Children Killed In Rafah Bombing! NY Chabad Synagogue BurnedDown! - WTPN


· Black Swan Event: CyberAttack = EBS Alert = Blackout = Banks close = liquidity needed = (GlobalCurrency Reset?)

· Sun. 21 April Mr. Pool onTelegram: EBS Activation complete for a Worldwide Black Swan. President Trumpwill send out five more presidential messages in four days, 11 hours and 53min.

· Wed. 24 April: 115th day ofthe year 11.5 = Duty of the Occupying Power to Ensure Public Order and Safety(EBS Alert?).

· Thurs. 25 April 116th day ofthe year 11.6 = Protection of the population of an occupied territory (StockMarket Crash?).

· Fri. 26 April 117th day ofthe year 11.7 = (?)


· When the Stock Market andCrypto Markets crash, they will turn the power off (to stop the completedissolve of the Global Financial Market). Space Force and Star Link have confirmedthey are ready and prepared to turn the power back on (using Tesla Free Energy– making the World energy independent). This will cripple the Elites’ controlover energy and finance (by instigating the Global Currency Reset) and willfree us, the
debt slaves.

· Sat. 20 April Charlie Ward:“The reset will happen after the collapse of the Euro and dollar under JoeBiden”.

· Sun evening 21 April:Charlie Ward, MarkZ confirm that the Mother Contracts between buyers andsellers are happening.

· Sun. evening 21 April: Abond holder in a Reno group with other 39 groups who had the same paymasterwith offices in Hong Kong and New York said that last Wednesday, the paymastergot under an NDA and last night he told them to get ready for Tuesday 23 April!

· Wolverine: Colombia will begetting their gold backed currency on Tues. 23 April. The military and G13 willenter on Sat. 20 April to receive their already unlocked amounts. I receivednews from a huge whale in Europe, who received email from Reno saying that Renohas started the process.

· TNT Tony: The processstarted in Iraq Fri. evening. 19 April.

· Mexico Confirmed all banksclosed for five days: All banks will close their doors for 5 days and nooperations will be possible.

· Mon. 22 April XRPLion on ZIMRedemption: · Mon. 22 April XRPLion ZIM Price Reveal:


· BOOM! JP Morgan Chase’sShocking Sale of Your Secrets for Billions! JP Morgan Chase Caught Red-HandedSelling 80 Million Private Lives! JP Morgan & $1 Billion EpsteinTransactions! JP Morgan Chase Caught Red-Handed Selling 80 Million PrivateLives! In a bombshell disclosure that rips the facade of trust, J.P MorganChase has been unveiled as the architect behind a monstrous violation ofprivacy, trading the sensitive data of 80 million customers like stocks on WallStreet. This grievous act shatters trust and exposes a shadow war againstindividual privacy spearheaded by corporate giants.

· Mon. 22 April US Dollar onCollision Course to Destruction, Mike Adams:· Globalists ImplementingPlan Via Russia and Africa To Destroy Europe and USA:

· Mon 22 April:BOOM! JP Morgan Chase’s Shocking Sale of Your Secrets for Billions! JP MorganChase Caught Red-Handed Selling 80 Million Private Lives! JP Morgan & $1Billion Epstein Transactions!

· Mon. 22 April: Black SwanEvent – Protocol 19 – NESARA – GESARA – Revolution – Trust the Plan!

D. WARS AND RUMORS OF WARS:·The Ukraine “War” was NOT a “war”. It was Russia taking out Obama, Bush, andClinton funded Biochemical Labs.

· Sun. 21 April: AFighter Jet with the U.S-Led Coalition in Iraq and Syria reportedly conducted aSelf-Defense Strike earlier today on a Truck mounted with a Multiple-LaunchRocket System in Northern Iraq, after it launched several Rockets at U.S.Forces stationed at the “Kharab al-Jir” Operations Base in Northeastern Syria;the Attack was likely launched by Iranian-Backed Forces who announced tonighttheir Intention to Resume Attacks on American Forces.

· Mon. 22 April: U.S. Forcesat Al-Asad Airbase in Western Iraq were reportedly Targeted earlier today by aOne-Way “Suicide” Drone Attack, with at least 1 Drone having Impacted withinthe Perimeter of the Base causing No Damage or Injuries to American Personnel;this is the Second Attack on a U.S. Base in the Region within the last 24Hours, following the Announcement yesterday by Iranian-Backed Militias of theirIntention to Resume Attacks on U.S. Bases and Forces across the Middle East.

· Mon. 22 April BREAKING:Rockets fired from Mosul, Iraq toward US military base inside Syria – Reuters

· Mon. 22 April: Right afterit was announced that Iran was attacking US Bases in Syria, a large squadron ofjets departed from the US Air Force’s second largest base, Hill Air Force Base,in Ogden, Utah.

· Mon. 22 April: The RoyalJordanian Army announced today that it had Deployed a Convoy of 51 HumanitarianAid Trucks from Jordan to the Northern Gaza Strip.

E. THE REAL NEWS FOR MON. 22APRIL:· Mon. 22 April: Large bridge taken out in Argentina. Ships backed up.There will be a supply chain issue.

· Sat. 20 April:It’s Time! The Green Light for Action – President Trump’s Decree Sparks GlobalMartial Law and Mobilizes the Global Military Alliance into Action

· US Special Forces Rescue 27Military & Civilian J6'ers Held Captive by DHS at a Remote Deep StatePrison on Adak Island, 1200 Miles from Anchorage, Alaska.

· Sat. 20 April: BOOM! BehindThe Scenes: The Stealthy Dominance of Executive Orders in America’s MilitaryGovernance – Defense Strategy – Continuity of Operations

· PROJECT LEBENSBORN: TheNazis had their own breeding program Pope Francis, as all World Leaders, werefrom this breeding program – Merkel, Obama, Theresa May, you name it. Youfinally got it as you are able to connect the dots, right? …The 27th Letter onTelegram Mon. 22 April 2024

· Sat. 20 April: Decoding theImminent EBS: Military in Training for Implementation of the EmergencyBroadcast System - American Media Group Decoding the Imminent EBS: Military inTraining for Implementation of the Emergency Broadcast System

· Sun. 21 April: JudyByington: Sunday 21 April 2024 Restored Republic/GCR Update

· Mon. 22 April: China'sGuangdong province faces a critical threat from major rivers, waterways, andreservoirs, as they pose a risk of dangerous floods. The government hasinitiated emergency response measures to safeguard over 127 million residents.

· Mon. 22 April: PresidentBarack Obama's former senior policy advisor Rahamim Shy has been charged withchild sex offenses.

· On Sat. 20 April WhileCongress ignored the US Border crisis, they gave Nazi Ukraine more funding thanthe Marine Corps. Despicable. Let that sink in.

· This week 15 million peoplein US face severe weather threat.

· Mon. 22 April: BREAKINGNEWS! Judy Byington Bombshell Report: “My Fellow Americans, the Storm is UponUs!” Imminent! World War III! Global EBS! Global Martial Law! Stock MarketCrash! Be Ready!

· Mon. 22 April: AnonymousOfficial: A Real Warning For America… Do You See What I See?

· Mon. 22 April: GITMO Update| Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp Arrests, Indictments and Executions for Thousandsof New Ex-Elite Prisoners – Official Documents


· BOOM! ARREST WARRANT! PopeFrancis – Jorge Mario Bergoglio – Arrest and detain at Guantanamo Bay DetentionFacility – Wanted for Corporate Government cover-up of fraud, Ritual ChildAbuse and Pedophilia

· 20 April 2024 Judy ByingtonBombshell Report: Pope Francis Found Guilty Of Child Trafficking, Rape, Murder!25 Feb. 2014: “In Feb. 2014 Pope Francis was found by the International CommonLaw Court of Justice in Brussels to be a perpetrator in Satanic child sacrificerites while acting as an Argentine priest and Bishop according to a sealeddocument obtained from the Vatican archives. A second record dated Dec. 25 1967called the Magisterial Privilege was said to show that every new Pope wasrequired to participate in Ninth Circle Satanic Cult ritual sacrifices ofnewborn children, including drinking their blood. The documents were presentedto the ICLCJ Court by a prominent Vatican official and a former Vatican Curiaemployee. Documents from Vatican secret archives presented to court clearlyindicated that for centuries, Jesuits at the Vatican had a premeditated plan toritually murder kidnapped newborn babies and then consume their blood. ICLCCourt proceedings were a result of years of investigation by Kevin Annett’s InternationalTribunal into Crimes of Church and State”. Catholic Pope Francis charged, trialset, for trafficking orphans Crime All-Stars.

· Mon. 22 April HollywoodPedos, Mel Gibson:

· Mon. 22 April: BOMBSHELL!!!DIANA EXPOSES THE DARKEST SECRET OF THE SATANIC ROYAL FAMILY: Royal Family’sAlleged Satanic Connections Revealed


· It's Clear: "This WasAll Planned", Dr. Peter McCullough: "It takes a long time to write apatent ... When the crisis was announced in the United States, three dayslater, Moderna announced they have a product! How can they have a product inthree days? You can't invent something in three days. This was planned"!

· Statistician Barry Young,56, has been arrested by New Zealand authorities for exposing this data: Mr.Young, a Ministry of Health employee-turned-whistleblower, examined connectionsbetween specific COVID-19 vaccine batches and mortality rates. What he foundwas alarming:

Batch ID 1: Total Vaccinated711, Death Count 152, 21.38% Dead

Batch ID 8: Total Vaccinated221, Death Count 38, 17.19% Dead

Batch ID 3: Total Vaccinated310, Death Count 48, 15.48% Dead

Batch ID 4: Total Vaccinated364, Death Count 37, 10.16% Dead

Batch ID 6: Total Vaccinated1006, Death Count 101, 10.04% Dead

Batch ID 2: Total Vaccinated1018, Death Count 98, 9.63% Dead

Batch ID 7: Total Vaccinated38, Death Count 3, 7.89% Dead

Batch ID 72: Total Vaccinated5882, Death Count 278, 4.73% Dead

Batch ID 62: Total Vaccinated18173, Death Count 831, 4.57% Dead

Batch ID 71: Total Vaccinated11019, Death Count 498, 4.52% Dead

The underlying mortality ratein New Zealand should be only 0.75%, said Young. So the odds of all thesedeaths happening by chance is approximately 100 billion to 1. "Sostatistically, what we're saying is that there is no chance that this vaccineis not a killer", declared Young. Steve Kirsch responded to the case:"The data is legit; that's why they are arresting Barry. He's a hero forexposing the truth".

· Influenza is the pathogenmost likely to cause a new pandemic in the near future, according to leadingscientists. An international survey, to be released next weekend, will revealthat 57% of senior disease experts now think a flu virus will be the cause ofthe next global outbreak of the deadly infectious disease. The belief that fluis the world's biggest pandemic threat is based on long-term research thatshows it is constantly evolving and mutating, said John Salmonton-Garcia of theUniversity of Cologne, who conducted the study.

· Mon. 22 April: Breaking NewsAlert: Japan Declares Emergency Over ‘Explosion of mRNA Cancers’ – Dr. PeterMcCullough Sounds the Alarm on COVID Vaccine-Induced “Turbo Cancer”.


· Sat. 20 April: NESARA GESARAand Med Beds: Behind The Scenes Of The Quantum Healing Technologies Of Med Beds~ Trust the Plan!


· "I believe yourgovernment should be the owner of your digital ID". President of the WorldBank, Ajay Banga, calls for governments to construct a "digital identityplatform"—required by citizens for the receipt of insurance, healthcareand education—that guarantees the "privacy" of citizens. "If youdon't do that, you will run into trouble with the acceptance of the idea".Um, the reason people oppose digital ID in the first place is precisely BECAUSEit's a violation of privacy, by its very nature—enabling governments tocentrally monitor, regulate and restrict the intricate details of people's lives,at the press of a button.

J. MARCH 30 2024 WEAPONIZINGYOUR HOME, 60 MINUTES:· Embark on a chilling exposé set within the UnitedStates, where the shadowy influence of covert microwave weapons is brought tolight in this groundbreaking documentary.

· Immerse yourselfin an investigative journey punctuated by the authoritative voices of historicalnews titans such as 60 Minutes, ABC, NBC, CNN, and NTD, weaving a tapestry ofshocking revelations and hidden truths that even the mainstream media outletscan no longer hold back.

· Uncover the rare and elusivescientific studies sourced from CIA, NASA, and various Government Branches,casting an unflinching gaze on the far-reaching implications of electromagneticwarfare.

· Every aspect of thissinister reality is meticulously fact-checked and confirmed, a irrefutableglimpse into a realm where secrecy and manipulation reign supreme.

· This documentary unearthsthe effects of high-power microwave technology, penetrating the walls ofprivacy and the sanctity of the mind with unparalleled precision.

· Traverse the electromagneticspectrum, where the lines between safety and peril blur, revealing the hiddenperils lurking within everyday devices and infrastructure.

· Witness the unfilteredimpact of wireless radiation on human health, supported by a myriad ofsuppressed studies and ignored evidence that form the backbone of thiseye-opening narrative.

· As the tale unfolds, delveinto the realm of mind control and synthetic telepathy, a dark territory wheretargeted individuals face a relentless assault on their very sanity andautonomy.

· Challenges perceptions,demands accountability, and sparks a critical dialogue about the unseen dangerslurking within our modern world.

· Brace yourself for a journeythat transcends the boundaries of conventional storytelling and compels viewersto confront the reality of a silent, invisible adversary that may already beamong us.

K. GREECE IS PREDICTED TOBECOME THE FIRST NATION TO SUFFER "POPULATION COLLAPSE" as sudden andunexpected deaths continue soaring across the nation while fertility rates haveplunged to levels lower than experts previously thought possible.

· Heart failure, strokes,blood clots, and rapid onset cancers among otherwise healthy young people havecaused the mortality rates to skyrocket in Greece, while the fertility levelsin young males and females are caused the birth rate to fall through the floor,recording the lowest number of births in almost a century.

· The prospect of populationcollapse in Greece is a “ticking time bomb” and a “national threat” accordingto Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis.


· These demons can control theweather with ultra high powered electronic frequencies via a machine calledHAARP found in Alaska.

· Other countries like Chinaand Russia are doing similar experiments.

· I confirmed such in anarticle from 2013, also confirmed by many other "conspiracytheorists". This is not a conspiracy theory.

· The HAARP machine sendsmillions of volts of electricity into the ionosphere heating up particles inthe air causing massive weather changes, the govt have been messing with jetstreams, cutting off countries from rain, blocking the sun, causing manyhurricanes one of which Katrina.

· This is why we see massiveclimate changes, snow in the summer & heat in the winter, but we are blamedand being charged in the name global warming.

· "Cloud SeedingScience" is just another term for Geo-engineering, and weathermodification. First they "seed' the clouds with heavy metal particles, andthen they use HAARP to induct the rain via the electro-magnetic frequencies.They have basically confirmed everything that we have already knew years ago -that weather modification is real, however it's just conspiracy theory when wecall them out on it.

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of April 23, 2024 (2024)
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