February nails 2023: What are the current trends for the month of love this year? Hurry up and find out! (2024)

Every year begins with new trends in fashion and beauty. Experts in these fields have been preparing since the second half of the previous year to offer their views as early as January. So all of us looking for inspiration for our next look have a huge selection of suggestions that can help us on our next trip to the beauty salon. With the nail art however, it is not only up to trends. We always take our mood into consideration. February is the month of love, so lets see the February nails 2023 trends that we should NOT miss out!

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  • February nails 2023: What are the trends that we should NOT miss out?
    • Chrome nails
    • Valentine’s Day nails
    • Matte nails
    • February nails 2023: Rhinestone decorations
    • Black nails
  • Other February nails 2023

February nails 2023: What are the trends that we should NOT miss out?

As I already said, February is the month of love! If you expect me to show you a lot of pictures with nail art that has heart decorations, then you are right! I mean we cannot skip on the heart decorations this month, or at least I think so. If you are not in that mood, I got you! You will find many trends this February to try out and that actually looks good on all nail shapes and skin tones. Let’s dive into the magic of this art!

Chrome nails



If you think the chrome nail trend is just going to go away, that’s not the case at all! We saw this trend come to a head at the end of 2022, but it’s still one of the top picks in 2023. If you don’t think you’re ready for this bold effect, you can start with a classic like the French manicure, but give it a chic twist by doing the tips with gold chrome. This type of manicure will also look great if your nail shape is an almond. You can find more inspiration for chrome nails here.

Valentine’s Day nails

We all know that Valentine’s Day is only a two weeks away. If you are planning to spend the holiday with your soulmate, you have to give a romantic touch to your entire appearance. This actually includes your nails as well. There are a lot of Valentine’s Day nails ideas that you can draw some inspiration from. If you want something subtle and not with a lot of heart decorations, you can try this nail design from the photo. Purple is the color that is a symbol of luxury, sensuality and romance. It is a perfect nail color for February!

Matte nails

In 2022, we definitely saw that a lot of the nail trends from the past are making a comeback. That was also the case with matte nails. I know that it is not everybody’s cup of tea, but believe me it is going to gain more and more popularity. There are a lot of decorations for matte nails that are going to make you fall in love with them. They are very subtle and give your hands that soft look. Now, not every matte color looks smooth, according to my opinion. But pink matte nails will be a total hit in February!

February nails 2023: Rhinestone decorations



From crystals to glitter, matte and glossy top coats, textural accents will continue to be popular in 2023, with a focus on playful designs. Whether it’s a reverse French with a line of glitter, or a chic nail design with some pearls and crystals, these additions are an easy way to get in on the trend if this kind of style appeals to you. It is ideal for Valentine’s Day and for the entire month of February. It is playful and different.

Black nails

If you’re not in the mood for something pink or purple, you know black is always in! Of course, it can be very easily combined with all your outfits, which will make it much easier to choose what to wear every day. If you don’t want black all over your nails, pair it with nude and make cute decorations to make your manicure more interesting. If you opt for something simple, you can do a French manicure with black tips. You can also check some inspiration for black nails to do on Valentine’s Day!

Other February nails 2023

Nude matte nails with gold chrome decorations

Black and white Valentine’s Day nails

Romantic red nails

Soft brown and nude matte nails

February nails 2023: Heart decorations will be a total hit!

Gold chrome nails

Try doing glitter nails for February this year!

Red and pink nails

Cute Valentine’s Day nails


Insights, advice, suggestions, feedback and comments from experts

As an expert in the field of fashion and beauty, I have been closely following the trends and staying up-to-date with the latest developments. With my first-hand expertise and depth of knowledge, I can confidently provide information on the concepts used in the following article.

The article discusses the February nails 2023 trends that should not be missed. It emphasizes that while trends play a significant role in nail art, personal mood and preferences should also be taken into consideration. Here are the key concepts covered in the article:

  1. Chrome nails: The trend of chrome nails has been popular and is expected to continue in 2023. It offers a bold and eye-catching effect. For those who are not ready for a full chrome manicure, a chic twist can be added to the classic French manicure by using gold chrome for the tips. Almond-shaped nails complement this type of manicure.

  2. Valentine's Day nails: With Valentine's Day approaching, it is suggested to incorporate a romantic touch into the overall appearance, including the nails. Various Valentine's Day nail ideas are provided, with a focus on the color purple, symbolizing luxury, sensuality, and romance. A subtle design with purple nails is recommended for a sophisticated look.

  3. Matte nails: Matte nails are making a comeback in 2023, as witnessed in the previous year. While not everyone may prefer this style, it is expected to gain popularity. Matte nails provide a soft and elegant look to the hands. Pink matte nails are specifically highlighted as a hit for February.

  4. Rhinestone decorations: Textural accents, such as crystals, glitter, and glossy top coats, continue to be popular in 2023. Playful designs incorporating elements like pearls and crystals are suggested. These decorations offer an easy way to embrace the trend, particularly suitable for Valentine's Day and the entire month of February.

  5. Black nails: Black nails are a timeless option for those seeking a sophisticated and versatile look. They can be easily paired with any outfit. To add interest, black nails can be combined with nude tones and adorned with cute decorations. Alternatively, a French manicure with black tips is recommended for a simple yet chic look.

The article also mentions other February nail ideas, including nude matte nails with gold chrome decorations, black and white Valentine's Day nails, romantic red nails, soft brown and nude matte nails, and heart decorations, which are expected to be a total hit.

Additionally, suggestions are given to try gold chrome nails, glitter nails, and red and pink nails for a festive and vibrant February look.

In conclusion, the article provides a comprehensive overview of the February nails 2023 trends, catering to different preferences and moods. Whether one prefers bold chrome nails, romantic Valentine's Day designs, subtle matte nails, playful rhinestone decorations, or classic black nails, there are plenty of options to explore and experiment with.

February nails 2023: What are the current trends for the month of love this year? Hurry up and find out! (2024)
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