Top 20 Box Braids Updo Hairstyles (2024)

Box Braided updos are quick, easy and inventive. This is where you can get creative and style your braids differently every new day. Besides, braided updos are elegant and ideal for hot summer days. Pair them with strapless and halter styles of dresses and tops. We bet you are going to love your box braids even more after you try some of the chic updos from this gallery.

Box Braids Updos

Side asymmetric updos, “sliding” to one side, look very appropriate in office or any other setting where you need to look very presentable. The easiest way to do such a style is to braid an upside down braid, fixing it sidewise and tucking its ends inside.

High bulky buns are a separate story of braided updos. Most girls like mounting them very high, almost pushing them to the line of the hair growth, although a big bun on the crown also looks fantastic. You may experiment with its shape, making it taller or flatter, tighter or messier. A good idea is separating your box braids into vertical rows and twisting them before shaping a statement bun.

Highlighted box braids spark the simplest box braided updos, as they accentuate every twist or curve, drawing even more attention to your braided mane. The most common colors for box braids are blacks and dark browns, matching the hue of your natural color, but, as you see, lighter box braids may also look very flattering.

1. Box Braids Half Top Knot

Here’s a quick, easy way to look totes fashionable in a second. The half top knot style works on most hair types, but it’s especially adorable on big braids because of all that volume. Separate the top section of hair at the temples, twist into a bun and secure with a single pony holder.

2. Pulled Back Box Braids with Beads

Updos with braids don’t have to be high and complicated. You can also find a simple way to get hair off your face and out of the way. Take the front braids and pull them back, either securing loosely with a pony holder or creating a big braid. Then take the bottom hair and bring it to one side.

3. High Bun Updo

Beads in big braids make any hairstyle extra special. In a high twisted bun, cute beads pop up here and there randomly. To get this look, flip your head upside down and gather all the braids, then twist them together into one large chunk, putting in a small pony holder at the very end (this makes it easier to wrap). Clip the bun in place.

4. Silver Crown Updo

We love box braids in unique colors, and silver is a definite standout. This look will take a little practice, but it’s easier than you think. Start near one ear and create a french braid that stretches across your hairline. Keep going all the way around your head, tucking in pieces and grabbing new sections, then hide the end. Or simply braid an individual plait and wrap it around your head, pinning its end to the beginning.

5. Box Braids Pigtail Twists

For a braid updo with a romantic appeal, go for something soft and low. Start by parting hair perfectly down the middle to create pigtails. Then create two thick braids, making sure to stylize the hair in the front. Stop the braid halfway down and wrap the ends up and through the braid.

6. Box Braids in Twisted Crown

Highlighted braids are a surefire way to look stunning. To try the side twist out, simply twist the braids of your top section and drape the twist along one side of your head, pinning it behind the ear.

7. Triple Buns Updo

This adorable style is definitely one that you don’t want to try on fresh box braids, because it needs to be a little tight to work. It couldn’t be easier to look sassy and stylish, though. All you have to do is create three buns! The trick is to make them of equal thickness, so be careful when you part hair.

8. Box Braids Fantasy Side Braid

Updos with braids are extra pretty when created in fun, modern colors. This side twist braid (which would look pretty basic on naturally colored hair) becomes a fantastical, Game of Thrones-inspired moment. White or gray hair is a great opportunity to experiment with new accessories like hair chains, for instance.

9. Candy Colored Updo

So fun! This girl is not afraid of color, and we love it. If you’re the life of the party, you should consider candy colored hues for box braids (Festival not required.) This high, imperfect side ponytail adds to the fun, carefree style even more.

Top 20 Box Braids Updo Hairstyles (9)

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10. Box Braids Pompadour

With long braids, you can create high updo styles. This retro pompadour will reveal your inner hipster and add tons of personality to just about any outfit. All you have to do is gather all of your hair and braid it backwards (from back to front instead of front to back). Then fold the braid over, clipping and hiding the end on the bottom.

11. Elegant Swirl Updo

To recreate this braids updo, you may be tempted to do one big bun. Don’t! (You won’t get that fabulous swirl.) To do it right, create a bun with half of your hair, leaving some on the bottom. Then wrap the bottom braids around the bun and pin.

12. Vibrant Box Braids Top Knot

With braids in gorgeous, vibrant colors, you don’t have to do much in the styling department to stand out. The purple to fuchsia ombre creates Insta-envy! To get this look, put hair in a high ponytail, then separate into sections, braiding each. Next wrap the braids around each other to make the biggest bun ever.

13. Nineties Style Crown Updo

We’re a big fan of tiny buns, whether they’re arranged all over your head or just as an accent. Here, little buns have been formed at the hairline to make a crown. This super fun look is a fast way to get ready for an event, like a night out or a concert. But you can definitely rock it on a basic day, too.

14. Box Braids Faux Hawk

Long braids look beautiful when they’re left down, so why not experiment with a box braids updo that gives you the best of both worlds? This style has volume and visual interest coupled with long flowing braids. To do it, make a half-up french braid by pulling strands up and through so the braid pops up.

15. Box Braids Easy Pony

Want a look that won’t take all day? We’re all about hairstyles that don’t try too hard (but we love the intricate ones too). It’s all about matching your mood. To show off your features and get your braids off your face, just do a quick ponytail. Duh!

16. Twisted Croissant Updo

The croissant (in all of its variations) is a favorite updo for girls with box braids. This is basically just a loose twist that has been looped across the forehead.

17. Box Braids Pigtail Buns

The best updos for box braids have a fun attitude about them. This simple style will boost your confidence instantly. You get long hair to flip and play with, plus volume with the buns. All you need to do is part hair down the middle, and wrap the two top sections, securing each bun with a pony holder (or two).

18. Half Up Corn Rows and Box Braids

Here’s a wild style to ask your braider for next time you go in. With corn rows on the sides of the head instead of all over, you get a cool half up faux hawk.

19. Electric Blue Pompadour Updo

So pretty! That’s a great shade of blue, right? This hairstyle requires some strategic parting and twisting, so play around and see how it will work best. You can create a twisted pompadour in the front, and then wrap the hair from the side over and back.

20. Box Braids Waterfall Bun

For a braids updo that looks a lot harder than it really is, try a waterfall bun, which just means that you’re clipping up the ends of the hair and letting the middle part of the braids cascade loosely down.

We are sure you’ll find a worthy idea for yourself in this gallery. And if you want even more bright examples of box braided hairstyles, check how to style box braids. You are also very welcome to pick something truly original for the period when it’s time to unbraid your box braids in the extensive category of braided hairstyles.

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Top 20 Box Braids Updo Hairstyles (2024)
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