Need a Little Nail Inspo? Peep These 20 Acrylic Designs Right Now (2024)

Need a Little Nail Inspo? Peep These 20 Acrylic Designs Right Now (1)

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My favorite thing about acrylic nails is also kinda my least favorite thing about acrylic nails: There are so many freaking design options to chose from that it can feel majorly overwhelming when it comes to finding inspo. Like, do you go super abstract with waves and swirls? Oooor do you lean into a trendier design, like cow print or flames? Throw that in with the fact that acrylics last a whopping 6-8 weeks, and you're in for a straight-up tough decision. Here's an idea though: Make your life 100x easier by scrolling through our list of the 20 coolest acrylic nail ideas before your appointment. Whether you're looking for Kylie Jenner-level designs or more lowkey and subtle options, you're basically guaranteed to find something you love, ahead.


This Abstract Design for Acrylic Nails

These wavy, abstract lines are a genius idea for your next set of acrylics. My favorite thing about this option is that you can really play around with the negative space and make it your own.


These Flower Acrylic Nails

Hot tip: Looking down at your hands and seeing these retro floral acrylics is pretty much an instant mood-booster. And, even better, this design works just as well on short nails as it does on long ones.


These Cow-Print Acrylic Nails

Wait, you haven't tried the cow-print manicure trend already? You've come to the right place, since this acrylic nail design is the perfect intro (think: the French tips are a great way to try out the look without going full throttle).

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This Neutral Acrylic Manicure

Just because you want acrylic nails doesn't mean you need to go for something super extra. This idea is all about neutral colors and soft, clean lines.


This Swirl Design for Acrylics

Doesn't something about this acrylic nail idea feel so cool and retro? Don't be afraid to experiment with your nail shape on this one—it'll look pretty with everything from oval to square.


These Galaxy Acrylic Nails

There's nothing not to love about this acrylic nail idea, but I'm personally obsessed with all the itty-bitty details. I mean, just look at those evil eyes and gold stars. P.S. If you're in a jam and want to recreate this idea at home, go ahead and pick up some nail stickers.

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This Floral Design for Acrylics

I love the idea of only incorporating a design on a few of your acrylic nails. This combination of dainty florals and solid light-pink polish is a great option for mixing and matching.


This Negative Space Idea for Acrylics

Presenting: The actual coolest take on negative space acrylics, thanks to the neutral base, the green accents, and the crisp lines. BTW: This idea is perfect for those with loooong nails, since it'll give you the most room to show off the design.


These Sparkly Acrylic Nails

Another take on minimalist acrylic nails, this design is a pretty combination of pink polish, delicate swirls, and subtle sparkles. Look towards this one when you want to feel festive but ~classy~.

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These Wavy Acrylic Nails

Sry, but am I the only one who can't scroll through her Insta feed without seeing a handful of swirly acrylic designs? 2021 is the year to try this trend, y'all, and this blue and red option is an excellent choice.


This Pink Acrylic Nail Idea

Turn your hands into the sparkle emoji when you try out this cute acrylic nail idea. Even though you can pull off this design with any nail shape, I'm super into the idea of square edges on this one.


These Blue Acrylic Nails

Everything about this acrylic nail idea is soothing AF. Don't you just love how the blue and mauve polishes are swirled together? Super-long extensions are encouraged for this bb.

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These Cherry Acrylic Nails

What's cuter than a set of pink acrylic nails with graphic cherry designs? Uh, nothing, as evidenced by this sweet idea. Bonus points for topping it all off with a few rhinestone decals.


This Butterfly Idea for Acrylics

The coolest thing about this acrylic nail idea is that the design is conjoining—hold your fingers together and you'll be left with the prettiest (yet kinda subtle) butterfly decal.


These Green Tips for Acrylic Nails

Slightly longer than a classic French tip manicure, this green design is perfect for the person looking to switch things up with their acrylics. Psst: This green polish is a genius year-round color.

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This Pink Swirl Idea for Acrylics

Pink, red, silver, and glitter all come together in this stunning acrylic nail design. If you're looking for a pretty—not cheesy—nail idea for Valentine's Day, you can't go wrong with this look.


These Tortoiseshell Tips for Acrylics

Love the idea of a French manicure but want something a bit more original? Show your nail technician this tortoise shell design, which happens to look very pretty on long, round acrylics.


These Fire Acrylic Nails

Sure, anyone can get a flame decal on their acrylic nails, but how many people are gonna go all out with these cute gradient pink flames? Opting for a slightly different color on each nail is a great way to personalize this one.

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This Ocean Design for Acrylic Nails

Need a reason to pretend you're lounging on a tropical beach and not on your cramped couch? Look towards this acrylic nail design, which swirls together the prettiest shades of blue and white.


These Green Acrylic Nails

IDK about you, but I think lime green is one of the coolest polish colors out there right now—like, it's less boring than a neutral but it's not wild enough that it totally clashes. See these sick acrylic nails for proof.

Need a Little Nail Inspo? Peep These 20 Acrylic Designs Right Now (22)

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Acrylic Nails and Design Options

Acrylic nails offer a wide range of design options, from abstract designs to trendy patterns and classic looks. They typically last 6-8 weeks, providing ample time to experiment with different styles. Here are some popular acrylic nail design ideas:

  1. Abstract Design: Wavy, abstract lines that allow for creativity and personalization.
  2. Flower Acrylic Nails: Retro floral designs that work well on both short and long nails.
  3. Cow-Print Acrylic Nails: A trendy and playful design, perfect for trying out the cow-print manicure trend.
  4. Neutral Acrylic Manicure: A subtle option with neutral colors and clean lines.
  5. Swirl Design: A cool and retro acrylic nail idea that allows for experimentation with nail shapes.
  6. Galaxy Acrylic Nails: Detailed and intricate design featuring small details like evil eyes and gold stars.
  7. Floral Design: Incorporating a design on a few nails, combining dainty florals with solid light-pink polish.
  8. Negative Space Idea: A cool take on negative space acrylics with neutral base, green accents, and crisp lines.
  9. Sparkly Acrylic Nails: A minimalist design with a combination of pink polish, delicate swirls, and subtle sparkles.
  10. Wavy Acrylic Nails: A trendy swirly acrylic design, perfect for trying out the trend.
  11. Pink Acrylic Nail Idea: A cute and sparkly design that works well with square edges.
  12. Blue Acrylic Nails: Soothing design with swirled blue and mauve polishes, encouraged for super-long extensions.
  13. Cherry Acrylic Nails: Cute pink acrylic nails with graphic cherry designs, topped off with rhinestone decals.
  14. Butterfly Idea: A subtle butterfly decal design that looks pretty when fingers are held together.
  15. Green Tips: A unique take on French tip manicure with longer green tips, perfect for switching things up.
  16. Pink Swirl Idea: A stunning design with pink, red, silver, and glitter, ideal for a pretty Valentine's Day look.
  17. Tortoiseshell Tips: A more original take on the French manicure, looking very pretty on long, round acrylics.
  18. Fire Acrylic Nails: A cute gradient pink flames design, personalized with different colors on each nail.
  19. Ocean Design: A tropical beach-inspired design with shades of blue and white, perfect for a relaxing vibe.
  20. Green Acrylic Nails: Stylish lime green polish, a cool color choice for acrylic nails.

These design options cater to a wide range of preferences, from subtle and minimalist to bold and trendy, ensuring there's something for everyone.

Need a Little Nail Inspo? Peep These 20 Acrylic Designs Right Now (2024)
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