Fishing Report - Central Zone (2024)

Fishing Report - Central Zone (1)

July 3, 2024‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌

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Best bets for weekend fishing

  • Following recent stockings, anglers report good trout fishing on the Fall River.
  • The road to Three Creeks Lake reopened recently, the lake has received a fresh stocking of fish and anglers report good fishing.
  • Nymphing has been the ticket for trout anglers on the Metolius River between Wizard Falls hatchery and Lower Bridge, and below.
  • Now that flows have settled, anglers and guides have been reporting good nymphing for trout and whitefish on the Crooked River below Bowman Dam.
  • With kokanee biting at Lake Billy Chinook, Odell and Paulina, now might be a good time to consider these tips for catching more kokanee.

Trout stocking

Scheduled to be stocked the week of July 1:

Shevlin Pond, Three Creeks Lake, Fall River‌

Recently stocked:

Pauline Lake, Olallie Lake, Metolius Pond, North and South Twin lakes, East Lake, Three Creeks Reservoir, Badger Lake, Big Cultus Lake‌

Check out the 2024 trout stocking schedule.‌

Trout stocking maps

Check out the ODFW fishing and trout stocking maps to find nearby fishing locations, driving directions and descriptions of amenities.


5 tips for fishing in hot water

With temperatures soaring to near 100 degrees this weekend, fish will start feeling the heat. Give them a break by following these warm weather fishing guidelines.‌

Parasitic Copepods in the Twin lakes

Anglers have been reporting rainbow trout with heavy parasite loads of the common parasitic copepod, Salmincola californiensis in North and South Twin lakes, Lava Lake and Walton Lake. ODFW had sampled holdover fish from Twin Lakes and have reduced stocking densities to try to get the copepod levels down. There are no health concerns with consuming fish with these copepods. They are typically attached to the gills, fins, and skin of the fish and are usually not present in filets. This ODFW webpage shows common fish diseases and parasites including the copepod. ‌

Fish consumption advisories

The Oregon Health Authority has issued consumption guidelines for parts of the Columbia River due to high levels of mercury and/or PCBs. Fish with these chemicals look, act, smell and taste like any other fish, so caution is important.‌

  • Bonneville Dam fish advisory
  • Safe fish choices for pregnancy and young children

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Marine Board's Opportunities and Access Report incorporates information from federal and state agencies, local facility operators and fellow boaters to provide up-to-date information so boaters can decide where to recreate and what to expect this season. Subscribe to receive email updates.‌

Updates by waterbody


Recent fish inventory showed fewer numbers but nice healthy rainbow trout averaging 12-18 inches. Last updated 4/24/24.


Bikini Pond was stocked on May 3 with 1,000 legal size, 470 one-pound trout, 100 two-pound trout, and 25 brood fish. The lake is low, but fishing was decent for the kids fishing event last weekend. Last updated 5/8/24.

CENTURY GRAVEL POND: rainbow trout‌

Century Pond was stocked with rainbow trout in mid-May. The pond is located ¼ mile west of the junction of USFS Rd 46 (Century Drive) and USFS Rd 4635. Last updated 5/24/23.

CRANE PRAIRIE RESERVOIR: rainbow trout, brook trout, largemouth bass, kokanee‌

The reservoir 87 percent full. Anglers report good trout fishing with the Cultus and Deschutes River arms producing fish. Recent reports of good fishing for 14- to 15-inch kokanee in the relict river channels and deeper portion of the reservoir towards the dam. Bass fishing has been reported as good. Last updated 7/3/24.

CRESCENT LAKE: rainbow trout, brown trout, lake trout and kokanee‌

Open to fishing all year. Recent reports of good fishing for large brown and lake trout; however, Crescent Lake is currently 24 percent full and access to the lake may be limited by low water levels. Anglers also report decent kokanee fishing with most fish in the 11– to 12-inch range. One lake trout per day, 24-inch minimum length. Anglers can now keep 5 kokanee in addition to daily trout limit. Last updated 7/3/24.

CROOKED RIVER: trout, whitefish‌

Open to fishing all year below Bowman Dam. The Crooked continues to fish well now that threat of flood control operations and high flows are over. Nymphing has been the most effective method but fly-anglers should keep an eye out for fishing rising in afternoon. Try blue wing olive or midge patterns. ‌

Anglers are reminded that steelhead may be present in the Crooked River and that Rainbow trout over 20 inches are considered steelhead and must be released. ‌

Crooked River anglers may encounter bull trout now that there is volitional passage at Opal Springs. Anglers who catch a bull trout should release it unharmed and report their catch to the US Fish and Wildlife Service at Last updated 6/12/24.

DAVIS LAKE: largemouth bass, rainbow trout‌

Open to fishing all year. Anglers report excellent bass fishing along the reeds as bass are staging for spawning. Davis Lake water level remains low, making launching boats difficult The Lava Flow Campground remains the only access point for boats. ‌

Fly-fishing only, barbless hooks required. Catch-and-release for trout. No limit on size or number of warmwater fish. Davis Lake anglers may encounter bull trout which must be immediately released unharmed. Last updated 5/29/24.

DESCHUTES RIVER, mouth to Pelton Dam: steelhead, redband trout, whitefish‌

The Long Bend Fire is currently burning upstream from Maupin along the Deschutes. If you head that way, keep in mind you might be dealing with heavy smoke or having your travels impacted due to fire activity. ‌

Reports of excellent nymphing on the Deschutes last week, along with some evening caddis hatches for dry fly fishing. Come prepared with a variety of patterns and pay attention to the bugs and hatches occurring on any given day. ‌

There will be no spring Chinook season on the Deschutes this year. Last updated 6/26/24.

DESCHUTES RIVER, Lake Billy Chinook to Benham Falls: rainbow trout, brown trout, whitefish‌

Open to fishing all year. Anglers report good fishing upstream of the Old Mill area in Bend and around Steelhead Falls. Nymphing has been the most effective method. Last updated 5/29/24.

DESCHUTES RIVER, Benham Falls to Little Lava Lake: rainbow trout, brown trout‌

The Deschutes River upstream of Benham Falls reopened May 22, 2024. Initial angler reports of good fishing for brown trout below Wickiup Reservoir and whitefish, redband and brook trout from Crane Prairie Reservoir to Little Lava Lake. ODFW staff noticed evidence of bait fishing at many locations during spring fish surveys and remind anglers that the use of bait is prohibited on the Upper Deschutes River. Last update 6/5/24.

EAST LAKE: rainbow trout, brown trout, kokanee‌

Paulina Lake Road with access to East Lake reopened for the year on Wednesday, May 15. Low water levels and campground hazard tree removal have reduced the boat launching options to the Hot Springs Boat Ramp and the East Lake Resort. Anglers report fair trout fishing. Anglers can now keep 5 kokanee in addition to daily trout limit. Last updated 6/12/24.

FALL RIVER: rainbow trout, brown trout‌

Fly-anglers continue to report productive and consistent fishing in the Fall River. Nymphing and stripping wooly buggers have been the most effective methods. ‌

A reminder to anglers that new regulations are in effect for Fall River and the river is now closed to fishing below Fall River Falls Oct. 1 through May 21. Fall River above Fall River Falls remains open year-round. Restricted to fly-fishing with barbless hooks only. Last updated 5/29/24.

HAYSTACK RESERVOIR: rainbow trout, kokanee, black crappie, bluegill, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, brown bullhead‌

Haystack is currently at 64 percent full. Excess brood rainbow trout were released into Haystack Reservoir the third week of February. This is a rare opportunity for anglers to catch trophy-sized broodstock rainbow trout in Haystack Reservoir in late February and March. Anglers have been reporting success catching these large fish as well as holdover trout.‌

Following draining of Haystack Reservoir for maintenance, anglers should expect slow fishing as the reservoir is restocked and fish populations rebound. Last updated 7/3/24.

HOOD RIVER: spring Chinook, winter steelhead, rainbow and cutthroat trout‌

The last day of spring Chinook season on the Hood River is June 30. Anglers are still catching springers throughout the river, so get out if you can for the last full week of the fishery.‌

Bait is allowed and bag limit is 1 adult hatchery salmon per day. Last updated 6/26/24.

HOSMER LAKE: brook, rainbow and cutthroat trout‌

Hosmer Lake is now accessible. Open to fishing all year. Recent reports of good fishing for brook, cutthroat and rainbow trout. Restricted to fly-fishing only with barbless hooks. Catch-and-release for all species. Last updated 6/12/24.

LAKE BILLY CHINOOK: bull, brown and rainbow trout, kokanee, smallmouth bass‌

Anglers report good spring kokanee and bull trout fishing. ‌

Harvest is limited to 1 bull trout over 24 inches under the daily trout limit. Anglers can now keep 5 kokanee in addition to daily trout limit. No bag or size limits on brown trout and bass. Last updated 5/29/24.

LAURANCE LAKE: rainbow trout‌

Laurance Lake was last stocked on Monday, May 13 with 2,100 1-pound trout. Prior to that, Laurance was stocked on Friday, May 10 with 4,600 legal size fish, 600 2-pound trout, and 80 brood fish. We have been receiving lots of reports from fly anglers and spinner anglers that fishing has been very productive.‌

There is a new regulation at Laurance Lake, which closes fishing at the mouth of Clear Branch and Pinnacle creeks in the reservoir. There are buoys currently out on the reservoir, and fishing is closed past the buoys. Last updated 5/23/24.

LAVA LAKE, Big: rainbow trout‌

The Cascade Lakes Highway reopened on May 21. Open to fishing all year. Anglers report good fishing for rainbow trout. Last updated 5/22/24.

METOLIUS RIVER: rainbow trout, bull trout‌

Despite heavy fishing pressure over the holidays, the Metolius River continues to fish well for mountain whitefish, redband trout, and bull trout. Nymphing with stonefly, mayfly or caddisfly nymphs has been effective for trout and streamers are a good bet for bull trout. ‌

More Bull trout will enter the river from Lake Billy Chinook as the spawning migration picks up in July and August. Catch-and-release for trout including bull trout. Fishing is restricted to fly-fishing only upstream of Bridge 99 (Lower Bridge).‌

The Metolius River from Allingham Bridge upstream to the headwaters will close for the season Nov. 1 and will reopen May 22, 2024.‌

Artificial flies and lures permitted below Bridge 99 (Lower Bridge). Last updated 7/3/24.

NORTH TWIN LAKE: rainbow trout‌

Open to fishing all year. Recent reports from North Twin of excellent fishing for holdover and recently stocked trout. North and South Twin were last stocked in mid-April. Last updated 4/24/24.

OCHOCO RESERVOIR: rainbow trout, black crappie, smallmouth bass‌

The reservoir is 97 percent full. Recent reports of good rainbow trout fishing and large fish from the bank near Ochoco Dam. Last updated 7/3/24.

ODELL LAKE: lake trout, kokanee, rainbow trout ‌

Odell Lake reopened for the year on April 22. Early reports of fair kokanee fishing with fish in the 12 to 13-inch range. Anglers also report good fishing for lake trout. Last updated 5/15/24.

PAULINA LAKE: brown trout, rainbow trout, kokanee‌

Open to fishing all year. Anglers report productive rainbow trout fishing and excellent kokanee fishing with fish averaging 12 inches. Anglers can now keep 5 kokanee in addition to daily trout limit. Last updated 5/22/24.

PINE HOLLOW RESERVOIR: rainbow trout, largemouth bass, bluegill‌

Pine Hollow was stocked on April 23 with 2,500 legal trout, 40 brood-size trout. Anglers have reported Pine Hollow being green with algae and slow fishing. Last updated 4/24/24.

PINE NURSERY POND: trout, largemouth bass‌

Open to fishing all year. No recent fishing reports. Limit is 2 fish per day. Last updated 12/13/23.

PRINEVILLE RESERVOIR: rainbow trout, largemouth and smallmouth bass, crappie‌

Prineville Reservoir at 90 percent full. Anglers report fair fishing for trout, crappie and bass. Last updated 7/3/24.

SOUTH TWIN LAKE: rainbow trout‌

Open to fishing all year. Anglers continue to report productive fishing for holdover and recently stocked trout. North and South Twin were last stocked in mid-April. Last updated 5/29/24.

SPRAGUE POND: rainbow trout‌

Sprague Pond was stocked in mid-May.‌

Turn at Cow Meadow sign off USFS Rd 40. Take first left at first dirt road and follow road to pond. Last updated 5/24/23.

TAYLOR LAKE (Wasco County): rainbow trout‌

Taylor Lake was last stocked on April 2 with 1,200 legal fish and 50 brood fish. Reports of the best trout fishing have been in the southern corner of the lake. Last updated 5/1/24.

THREE CREEK LAKE: rainbow trout, brook trout‌

Open to fishing all year; however, Forest Service Rd 16 closed for the season on Dec. 1. Three Creeks Lake was stocked in August. Last updated 12/6/23.

WALTON LAKE: rainbow trout‌

No recent fishing reports. Last updated 4/16/24.

WICKIUP RESERVOIR: kokanee, brown trout, rainbow trout, largemouth bass‌

Wickiup Reservoir is 52 percent full and boat ramps are currently accessible. Anglers continue to report very healthy kokanee 16-19 inches and some nice rainbow trout; however, fish are spread out making schools difficult to locate. ‌

The Deschutes River Arm from the Gull Point Boat Ramp to the ODFW makers near Sheeps Bridge is closed from Sept 1 through April 21, annually, to protect spawning kokanee. A reminder that Deschutes River regulations (May 22 opener) apply upstream of the markers near Sheeps Bridge. Last updated 7/1/24.

Fishing Report - Central Zone (2024)
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