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Reflections of Nature

By ohtadmin | on July 02, 2024

It is hard to believe that the Fourth of July is almost here. This is the day when we celebrate our independence. The fourth is also a day to remember our men and women who are serving in the military for they are making sacrifices to ensure our freedom. We have always heard that freedom is not free and will […]

Conservation Corner

Farm Stress, the Reality

By ohtadmin | on July 02, 2024

There has been a lot more discussion in the world surrounding mental health in recent years, but even though there are efforts to reduce the stigma, there is still a lot of discomfort around the topic. Speaking specifically about farming, in the agriculture community, there are still so many voids in mental health care options. Most farms in Bradford County […]

News from the Laceyville Library

By ohtadmin | on July 02, 2024

We want to wish everyone a Safe and Happy 4th July! The library will be closed on the Thursday, July 4, but will be open on Saturday, July 6. We have more books for sale (travel, cultural, gardening, hobbies), stop in and check them out. Also, we were given Women in White Coats by Olivia Campbell. For fans of Hidden […]

Seen ‘N’ Heard

By ohtadmin | on July 02, 2024

Welcome to our first paper of July and here’s wishing all our devoted readers and advertisers a safe and happy Fourth of July. Our business office will be closed July 4-5. * * * Talk about a coincidence… Dave Keeler’s front page photo last week of a vintage 1916 Hudson race car passing by the Wyalusing Valley High School Wednesday […]

The Way We Were…

A look back at the people and places of the Wyalusing area over the last 20 years or more.

By ohtadmin | on July 02, 2024

1970 Camptown Little League Here’s a look back at Camptown’s 1970 Little League team in a photo snapped at the team’s home field just prior to their game. Those pictured include, front, from left: John Neiley, Randy Bahr, Doug Duffield, Gary Hartshaw, Mike Jenner and Donald Chamberlin. Second row: Ron Hitchco*ck, Mick Bahr, Jody Kinney, Dale Clark, Ricky Stevens and […]


By ohtadmin | on July 02, 2024

DEAR ALICE: Do you use an autocorrect spell checker when you write your column? —WONDERING IN WYSOX DEAR WOND: I use an auto spell checker all the time and I’m forever grapefruit to have this wonderful technology. —ALICE ********** DEAR ALICE: Where did the term “significant other” come from? —INSIGNIFICANT, ELMIRA DEAR IN: The use of this term started with […]

The Good Old Days

By ohtadmin | on July 02, 2024

Compiled from old issues of The Wyalusing Rocket

News items gathered from an earlier edition of the Rocket-Courier, reprinted as they were in the July 5, 2001 edition. Price at the newsstand, 80¢ per copy. * * * Becky Clouse got to be a hero, saving a child’s life last week. She performed CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) on an unconscious three-year-old boy after he had been pulled out of […]

Jester Hill

By ohtadmin | on July 02, 2024

When his lawnmower wouldn’t start Friday, Fred Sturzenegger asked Tyson Wickhammer if he could borrow his for the day. Tyson told Fred that it wasn’t possible since she was out of town for the day and wasn’t expected back until late. *** Charles Blackwell, IV, a New Jersey resident with a hunting cabin in the area, was up over the […]

Reflections of Nature

By ohtadmin | on June 26, 2024

While walking along the water’s edge, I watched as frogs, one after another, jumped into the water and disappeared. I wondered how long a frog could stay underwater, so I sat down and waited. About five minutes later a frog appeared. Scientists tell us that the frog’s ancestors were the first creatures to survive the drying up of the ancient […]

Conservation Corner

Understanding Heat Islands

By ohtadmin | on June 26, 2024

Kevin Brown
– Ag Resource Specialist Bradford County Conservation District

I was watching the local news the other day (I won’t say which one as to not incriminate them) and they started talking about this new study that was out where they had looked at “heat islands.” Have you ever heard of a “heat island” before? I would not expect that many people have heard of such a thing, and […]

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Columns - ROCKET-COURIER (2024)
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