1967 Ford Mustang fastback for sale by owner - Clermont, FL - craigslist (2024)

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1967 Ford Mustang Fastback
Clean & Clear Florida Title
Highly Optioned | Rust Free
67,000 Original Miles
One Owner

For the very first time this very rare, and exceptionally beautiful 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback “A Code” is for sale at no reserve for 7 days. I am located in Clermont Florida just about 30 minutes from Orlando. You can rest assured what you see is what you get! This is a very high option car with options that most GT cars did not come with such as A/C, power steering, power disc brakes, deluxe interior with overhead console all from the factory! there will be no surprises or let downs. Don’t lose the opportunity to own this beauty of a Fastback!
Without further adieu, let’s get into the condition of your next investment.

Additional Equipped Options:

- White Paint Stripes
- Courtesy Light Group
- 7.35X14-4 Ply Rated White Sidewall Rayon Tires
- Console
- Sport Deck Rear Seat
- SelectAire
- AM Radio
- Exterior Decor Group
- Interior Decor Group
- Tinted Glass
- Deluxe Seat Belts
- Heavy Duty Battery

This car came factory with red on red paint, white pinstripes and white wall tires. The car still looks the way it did when the car left the factory. This is a very original and solid piece of Ford Mustang history. For the Florida buyer; this car was purchased new here in the Orlando, Florida area. For the first time in 57 years, this same Mustang is now offered here for sale for the second time in its life in the Orlando, Florida area. The Marti report listed in the description provides the evidence that this car left the factory with all the options that have been listed and that the car was purchased in the state of Florida. The 1967 fastback Mustang is and will always be the most desirable fastback. I am here to assist in any way possible to make your next purchase as smooth and easy.

Running Condition

The running condition of this car will absolutely amaze you with just a turn of the key. The factory original 289 high-performance 4-barrel motor fires right up with no hesitation. This Mustang just purrs very smooth at idle as well when putting the pedal to the floor, the car will catch passing gears and you will get second gear rubber on the road. All of the suspension is nice and tight, the power steering and disc brakes make this car a blast to drive. The 67 Fastback is an iconic American Muscle car being also a fun and very enjoyable ride. The hot summer days are no match for you with A/C really making this car a blast to drive even on the hottest day. The car does not overheat does not smoke or make any funny noise. The transmission shifts through all gears just like it should. The drivetrain does not leak or burn any oil. The overall running and driving condition is excellent.

Body & Paint

The body is in excellent condition, never being in any accidents. Therefore, the car still has all of its original body panels. There is no rust anywhere on this car. The car had been repainted once in its original color. Only the exterior of the car was painted, none of the jambs or anything else were painted. The door jambs still look very nice and clean. This was the first time the car was ever painted, and it didn’t have any body damage. The doors, jambs, trunk, and under the trunk were not painted. Therefore there was not a lot of bodywork or anything to really do to the car except for a nice prep job for a fresh paint job. It was not a concourse job but it is a very original car that required very minimal work. There is no sloppy overspray, and the paint shines well and looks great. I’m sure there are some small blemishes here in there like one blemish I will be pointing out in the photos but other than that she shines well, turning plenty of heads everywhere it’s driven.


The overall condition of this factory deluxe interior is excellent. The red interior is in great shape with no rips or tears. The dash has no cracks, door panels are nice and solid, and both the carpet and headliner are in great shape. The optional overhead console is in great shape as well as the optional floor console.

Undercarriage & Trunk

All of the undercarriage on this car is perfect and original. There is no rust anywhere, no patchwork or repair work that has been done on the underside or trunk compartment of this car. The trunk compartment is rust free. There is no undercoating on the underside or in the trunk compartment. This is a very solid and original rust free car.

Glass & Chrome

All of the glass is in excellent condition with no cracks. The chrome shines well and looks terrific.

I am regularly available anytime of the week to show the vehicle & will be more than happy to answer any serious questions you may have. I respond a lot quicker to phone calls rather than emails and text now Thomas
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1967 Ford Mustang fastback for sale by owner - Clermont, FL - craigslist (2024)
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