10 Healthy pumpkin recipes (2024)

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Organize it: The craft room- 10 ways

January 27, 2014

Have a craft room (or closet) that needs organizing? Yes, I do. Even though I had a new work/storage table built last July, I'm still not finished rearranging and organizing stuff. By far, I think this is the most fun room to organize.


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7 Ways to decorate with maps

September 02, 2013

Happy Labor Day! As summer comes to a close, perhaps you have some maps from your travels that you'd like to turn into cool decor or memorabilia. Here are 7 ways to decorate or craft with maps: 1) Frame it and add travel photos for a gallery display by Craftivity Designs 2) Make pinwheels for party decor Born Again Creations 3) Cover frames for those travel photos Alyssa B. Young 4) Decorate a tub- this would go well with the party pinwheels to serve drinks Obsessive and Creative 5) Cover storage boxes Craft Dictator 6) Make map wall letters The Happy Housie 7) More party decor- Map wrapped jars Posed Perfection You might also like: Map It- 7 DIY projectsusing maps 7 Fun Ways to Use a Stencil 7 Ways to Craft with Buttons 7 Sharpie Crafts

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DIY ornament topiary

December 07, 2012

You may have noticed my ornament topiary in my last post about my window wreaths. That was another project that was on my list last year. I was inspired by these at BHG because they were in my color scheme. I set out to make one this year. I didn't follow the directions at BHG. Instead, I did a little more searching and then just did it my way. Most people suggest painting your stryofoam ball in a complimentary color first. I skipped this step because I was in a hurry, but I do recommend you do that. I used a 4 in styrofoam ball, 3 different size ornaments and a glitter pick. I also used a dowel rod which I covered in washi tape and a planter from the dollar tree. My planter was originally bronze, but with a few coats of spray paint it became silver. You also need some foam for the planter and something to cover it with. I used moss and blue glass pebbles. The pebbles give the bottom some weight. I think this makes a much better centerpiece for this ar


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Blog Candy-Closed

February 18, 2010

Wow! I've passed 12,000 hits! So it's time to pick a winner. I'll be back later with the lucky name. Winner announced HERE. Sometime before Christmas my blog counter hit 10,000 hits. I totally missed it. But I wanted to celebrate so I'm putting together a candy for 12,000 hits. I'll draw for this candy sometime after I hit that mark. What you see above is not all. I'll be adding to it because I'm clearing out supplies as I work on projects and some of them will go in this stash. Some will go to charity. I'm sure some ribbon will end up here and maybe some stamped images for you. If you want a chance to win, please do the following: 1) Become a follower. (For every 10 new followers, I'll add another piece of candy beyond what you see. If you are already a follower, thanks. You will automatically be entered. Current followers can get a second entry for completing the next steps.) 2) Spread the word! 3) Leave me a comment on this post letting me know wh


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Friday Feature- Tinkeranniebelle

July 22, 2011

Giveaway has ended . Get ready for some colorful eye candy today! Tinkeranniebelle is the featured shop today. It’s full of bright colorful handmade accessories. Pretty Pinks and Graceful Greens Flower and Butterfly Bib


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9 Creative Ways to Set up a Coffee Station

January 12, 2015

The urge to organize hits most people at the beginning of a new year, but for many that task can be overwhelming. Don't try to organize everything at once. Break it down into attainable tasks. Focus on one area. Today I've rounded up ideas for setting up a coffee or hot beverage station in your home. We only drink our coffee black so we only have the pot on the counter, but we sure could use some help with all those cups in the cabinet.


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Ceramic tile coasters- easy and inexpensive gift

December 14, 2011

Need a quick and easy (and inexpensive) gift idea for the last few days before Christmas? Ceramic tile coasters aren't a new idea, but still worthy of the reminder. And dictionary art is growing in poularity so I've combined the two. I made these a couple of weeks ago for my sister-in-law's birthday. I started with a vintage dragonfly image from The Graphics Fairy . I had some ceramic tiles from Lowe's in my stash. I only had three 4x4 tiles and one larger one so she got 3 coasters and 1 trivet as a set. I had picked up an old dictionary from the thrift store for 25 cents. (It wasn't priced and I am a regular face there, so I think she pretty much gave it to me!)


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Flower bouquet tank

May 31, 2011

Last year I came across this tutorial for a flower embellished tank from Ruffles and Stuff. This immediately went into my "to do" file. I found a white tank at Target in the clearance section last year and I started making flowers. I made a couple by the links in the tutorial and made some different. Given that I started this last year, I don't remember which ones I used. The rolled rosette is fairly common. I made a flower similar to this one for my shirt but used a button for the center. I finally finished it today. Instead of using strips of jersey knit for my flower stems, I used white ribbon. Here's a tip for you, learned the hard way by me- ribbon will not stretch with the knit and will ruffle. Oh well, I like the results anyway and I'm going to keep it since I don't have any jersey knit in white that matches. Here's a close up of the flowers: And another of the shirt: Here's another altered tank you might like. Thanks f


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10 Healthy pumpkin recipes (2024)
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